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i have just installed a 4 GB RAM to the other 2 GB of RAM that my laptop already had. I now have 6 GB of RAM and i am running a windows xp and it show's me that i have only 2,92 GB or RAM. What can i do to show me 4 GB ? If anyone can help me, please let me know. Thank you in advance !!!
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  1. Actually it is a face that windows xp supports maximum of 3Gb of RAM only.
    You can try installing windows vista, or windows 7 for getting all of ur ram to work.

    Or maybe try installing windows xp 64bit. I think it supports 4Gb of RAM.
  2. Chirag Borawake said:
    Actually it is a face that windows xp supports maximum of 3Gb of RAM only.

    Not exactly accurate. The 32 bit OS, whether XP, Vista, or Win7, will, depending on hardware, generally make anywhere from 3 to 3.5 GB of RAM available. More than that will require a 64 bit OS and a brand new install. You will not be able to directly upgrade a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS. You will need to reformat and start over.
  3. Yes, I agree with that. But if he wants to use all of his RAM, then thats the option.
    Then whether he buys it, or installs pirated copy, its his decision. We got no issue with that.
  4. As stated above, you will need a 64bit version of windows to use anything more than 4gb of RAM,

    XP, Vista or 7 makes no difference as long as its 64bit
  5. Laptop Model??
    Correct my if I'm wrong - You have 2 Gig Ram in slot 0 and you added 4 gig ram module to Slot 1.

    (1) What Ram did you buy, ie DDr3-1333 CL9 ???
    .... May have a problem if speed/timing is different between the two modules.
    (2) Did you verify that the Laptop supports 4 gig modules.

    4 gig limitation, has already been addressed. For total of 4 gigs you can use either 32 bit or 64 bit OS (64 Bit will allow 0.5 more ram to be available - NOT a Biggy. To See/use more than 4 gigs (ie 6 Gigs) need 64 Bit.

    Recommend you remove the 2 gig ram Module and put your 4 gig Ram module in place of. This should allow you to boot and see the 4 gigs, If this does not allow you to boot then the Ram is either not compatable or defective.

    ... In any case, to run in daule channel mode both STICKS must be the same size and ratings need to be identical. The prefered method to upgrade from a single module is to Buy a 2 module kit and replace the single module.

    Bottom line - (1) Return 4 gig Module and get a 2 gig module that is IDENTICAL to your orginal 2 gig module. (2) 2nd option, if single 4 gig module worked, use computer that way.
  6. xp 32bit-3GB RAM limit
    vista 32bit-3.5GB Ram limit
    7 32bit- 3.5GB RAM limit

    else use 64bit os to use more than 4GB RAM :)
  7. My 32bit linux version sees all 8gb.

    its just a marketing ploy by MS and intel to get people to upgrade their hardware and OS to the new 64 bit system.

    Oh and by the way, My Old XP setup prior to SP1 would indeed see all 4gb of ram. Makes you go , Hummmmmmm :heink:
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