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I'm going to be getting a new Hard Drive but I was wondering about these things:

1. Will I have all the cables I need from the Hard Drive (connection to motherboard and PSU).
2. I will be using this hard drive as secondary which is also why my first question exists. Anyway cos it'll be a secondary hard drive - when I buy it do I need to buy/find screws to lock it into the bays or will thy be sitting in the motherboard/ come with the hard drive.
3.This is my model: WDC WD6401AALS-00J7B1 (WD-WMATV3943714) I have now.
It's a SATA II should I buy a SATA hard drive or can I buy a SATA III?
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    Hard drives usually only come with mounting screws (which might not even be needed depending on your case), not cables - the data-carrying cables usually come with the motherboard, and the power connectors usually come with the power supply (though if your psu doesn't have sata power connectors, adapters are easy to find)

    SATA3 is only worthwhile for SSDs, not mechanical hard drives.
  2. Ok so the cables which connect to the motherboard/PSU should be there already. Since I am adding a secondary hard drive I'm guessing the chances are that I need to buy the adapters to the motherboard/PSU am I correct?. I don't want to open my case twice lol (I'm upgrading RAM and GPU as well and maybe CPU).
  3. If the motherboard only came with one sata cable or it came with more but you got rid of the spares, you'll need another one. If you know what model psu you have, I can look up specs to find out whether it has a sata power connector.
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