"nvlddmkm.sys" BSOD!

I have been running Windows 7 on this setup: http://www.premiumgeeks.com/desktop/hp/hp-pavilion-media-center-m8047c-specs/ for over a year now with no problems and a full native resolution of 1650x1080. However, last week this all changed for the worse. I was surfingt he net and the mouse began to hang and freeze in certain pairts of the screen. Shoertly after that, the BSOD comes up with the nvlddmkm.sys display driver as the culprit. Well I uninstall all traces of the display drivers and reboot. I then installed the newest drivers from NVIDIA which still did not alleviate the BSOD. I could not boot windows normally after the bsod, but I could start the pc in safe mode in 600x800 resloution with no problems. Any attempt to start the pc normally would reslut in the nvlddmkm.sys error. A day later the pc boots back up normally just as if nothing had ever happened. I think im in the clear at this point....and then it strikes again! So I reformatted with a clean version of windows 7 and the same error comes up! Now if it does decide to but normally without the bsod I cannot select the native resolution of 1650x1080. The Hp boot logo also appears to have vertical banding upon booting and it continues until I get to the windows home screen...if i make it without a bsod that it. So does this sound like a video card gone bad? Does anyone know anything abotu this error?
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  1. Sounds like a dudding graphics card. Do you have another GPU to test the system with?
  2. I sure don't but I do have a Radeon 5750 and new 380 watt power supply on order. I will see then I suppose. However, my luck has not been hitting on much lately and it will probably be something totally different. lol
  3. I am almost positive it was a faulty video card. I went into the bios and switched to onboard video and the computer runs perfect with no bsod or weird artifacts during the boot process. Is that safe to assume that my Geforce kicked the bucket and I found the solution?
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