X-Case 1001 Gaming Case & HD5970? - Will it fit?

Hi guys, just a quick question.

Been scouting about. Basically, from what Ive seen the

HD 5970 length is 12.2 Inches
The X-Case 1001 Gaming has a length of of 19.8 Inches.

Does anyone have, or know of anyone that has got this card in this case? - should be able to fit in, with some hard drive rearrangement.

Would be great help if anyone knows if the beast will fit?.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I can barely find this case on the internet, its compatablie with micro itx and atx from what I found so my best guess would be that it wont fit the way huge cards if its compatible with smaller boards. IS this the only case you can use?
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