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Hi, I would like recommendations on which 120gb ssd is best for me around $100-$120. I know I could spend a lil more for the newer ones, but so far I have found:

Sandisk 120gb SSD ~ $105
Kingston Hyperx 3k ~ $107

Are there any newer generation ssd that came out recently but still under $120 and 120gb? I would like the fastest ssd for the price and please state if it is asynchronous or synchronous flash?
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  1. I have the Sandisk. It's EXTREMELY fast and boots in only seconds plus reliable. The kingston's always take more power and from what iv'e HEARD is that they are fast but not as reliable but still good. If you could spend $140 i'd say get a Samsung 840 Pro 128GB.
  2. In this list there is a section for "budget SSDs" as the author named it, you may find your request there. - ->
  3. If you can find the Vertex 4 on sale for about $100, it'll beat the pants off of everything else.
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