How "future-proof" is this sytem?!

I5 760
Asrock P55 Extreme 4
G Skillz DDR3 2GB 12600 x2
GTX460 1g or HD6850 (with plans to SLI or CF in future)
Coolmaster 333
600w power supply (not yet sure)

I personally believe this system can run games for me for the next 4-7years on res of 1600x -1900x. What is your opinion on this? My brother is a console wh*** who claims that computer builders are low lives that get worst performance/dollar compared to the xbox(360), and claims that I would have to upgrade my rig ever month. Ultimately, he is bashing me for trying to build this system. In fact, my brother's hate for computer building has lead to me losssing a double HD6850 deal on half price. So, please, will the experts on this site give me an estimate of how long this system will be "efficient" for gaming?
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    Yh, this system looks good to me, this build will play games maxed out for like 3-4 with CF or SLI in like 1-2 years it could last for like you sed something around 4-7.

    Tell your brother that he is totaly wrong and that a good gaming rig (like this one) vs xbox 360 or ps3 will win all the way through :P .
    Maybe computers are a bit more money hungry but they perform way better ;)

    also if you get the 6870 insted of 6850 the system after you CF it will be even better :P
  2. I am not a console fan. However, I do admit that the xbox360 is cost efficient and has better performance, since the developers put so much work to run their games smooth on the xbox360. Also, I do know that today's pcs are 2-5 times more powerful in terms of pure processing power compared to that of the consoles. Errrr... bro still being a biatch.
  3. other reply didn't make it.

    I'd up the memory to at least 4GB and use Win7 64-bit for OS.

    And...nevermind...I just noticed the x2 after the memory! So all is good. Also if/when you sli the 460 - you may have to upgrade the PSU.
  4. 600W is not really recommendable for 2x HD6850s or 2xHD6870s or 2xGTX460s.
    750W is more recommendable.

    BTW :
    Most of the people, who have XBOX360, still have/need also a PC at home.
    Most of the people who have a gaming PC don't even have/need XBOX360.
    Understand what I mean?
  5. I already brought up that arguement. Being a stuborn D-bag, he won't even listen to any arguements made by "computer lovers." As a matter of fact, he went as far to tell me to write a three paged essay to "convince" his bias ass to prove that the pc is future proof and it is more "efficient" than the xbox. I can't believe this ass, he made me lose a HD6850 double deal at half price. Then he tells me to prove as to why I should buy a pc I want, when he jumped to buy a macbook air for $1600.

    As for the power, I would need 750w?! Oh snap...... Any power supply over 600w in Korea costs a butt load. This is not good.
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  7. PSU above 600W is always a lot more expensive, not only on Korea. :D
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