ATi 5670 wont work

I purchased a brand new 5670,installed it as instructed,but when I turn my PC on,there is no output on my screen.Ive checked all the cables,even replaced them,but it still wont work.
I have a HP Pavilion a6125in.It came with some unknown PSU.On the inside it reads "HIPRO 250W"
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  1. You might be pushing that PSU. Anyway, check the BIOS and see if you have to disable onboard video/set video to the pci-e slot.
  2. I've tried that already.Still wont work
  3. Come on man , please help
  4. Might be ur psu dont have enough power for that graphic card...btw, what processor you using?
  5. Core 2 Duo E4400 @ 2.2GHZ
  6. What are chances that the PCI-Express slot get broken.Cuz the fans of the card spin when i turn it on
  7. try the graphic card on other/friends computer. if it works mybe ur psu won.t hold up the power. get this cheap psu.

    hell u could find more cheap psu to handle that card
    as long its 360w-450w
  8. This power supply will handle that card: It was recommended to me by Helltech and Ct. I even went a bit further and bought a ATI Radeon 5750 because this PS will handle that card with 28 amps on the 12v rails. Im just passing along info, hope it helps!
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