Pc turns off after a few seconds

i have recently build my pc the components include;
corsair TX 650w psu, M4N68T-M LE V2 mobo, athlon 2 X2 250 3.0ghz, and 2gb ram. it turns on for 2 seconds, the led lights in the fans come on the psu fan spins but then it cuts out, this only happens when i turn off the psu and try again, i have replaced the heatsink and fan and got a new psu still the same problem. Any advice welcome :)
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  1. With Power off (Switch PSU rocker switch on back to Off - NOT just front panel switch to Off)
    (1) First double check all power connections to MB: 20/24 Pin connector, 4/8 Pin ATX power connector, and any GPU PCI-e connectors.

    (2) Remove one memory module, make sure remain stick is in the correct slot (normally the 2nd slot from the CPU) reseat this stick, reseat video card. Perform a clear CMOS (normally install a jumper for a couple of minutes and remove jumper - check MB manual).

    Power ON and come back with resualts.
  2. no real change :S there is no where to plug in the PCI-e connectors. same thing happens fans all come on but switch off 2 seconds after pressing the front power button, there is a little led light on the mother board that stays on when the psu is plugged in and turned on if that means anything :S
  3. You are using onboard graphic - no graphic card so do not need PCI-e pwr connectors.

    Take a look at

    I'm not familar with AMD MB - all my past 6 builds have been with Intel MB primairly Gigabyte
  4. i have the radeon HD 4550 graphics card but no where on it to attach PCI-e, could it be that i havent screwed it down properly btw? ill take a look at the link now cheers :)
  5. Have you tried the on-board grphics (remove your 4550).
  6. Have you checked the HSF is connected properly to the MB ? If the wires are not plugged in perfectly then it will turn off after a few seconds to prevent damage to the CPU.
  7. all sorted cheers, took it apart and built it again n sorted itself out :)
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