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i have a asus p7p55 lx jooyon si motherboard but i went to flash the bios as i was having frezzing issues ,blue screens, etc and have flashed it with the wrong bios which is p7p55 lx 0904 when i should of used p7p55 lx jooyon si 0601.rom version and now the issues i did have is now worse.tried using eazy flash but it say its incompatibe also tried afudos,bupdater,and they dont do anything but frezze on me. any help would be much appreciated thank you
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  1. If you can not reflash then you might need to contact ASUS for a new chip.
  2. If you backed up the original BIOS or have a dual BIOS mobo, then you should be able to revert to the previous BIOS. If not you'll need to send your mobo to Asus for BIOS recovery.
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