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I am looking into upgrading my graphics card, currently running a 8800gt (an overclocked version).

The rest of my specs are:
E8400 (stock speed 3.0GHz)
4gb ddr2

I am looking at the gtx460, and was wondering whether this would be a good choice. I run at 1280x1024 resolution, and the 8800 has held up pretty well, but games like ARMA2 are pretty sluggish now. Would the 460 give me much of a performance boost?

Also, at 1280x1024 is it worth saving the cash and getting the 768mb version?

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  1. The difference between the 768mb and 1gb version is more then the memory amount, like a faster bus.

    Regardless, at that resolution if you're looking to save money, yes just get the 768mb version. Depending on where you get the card from, the 1GB version can be found at pretty good prices, though.

    Also yes you will notice a pretty big performance increase.
  2. Thanks for your help. Looks like I'll end up getting a gtx460, but I'll have to make a choice between 768 and 1gb models.
  3. I upgraded to a 460 1gb from two 9800gt 1gb in sli and I had a nice boosts in games that were gpu hungry as well less cpu lag. So for you it should knock your socks off.
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