Will 850w be enough for this setup?

-Motherboard: Msi Big Bang XPower
-CPU: Intel i7 950 Bloomfield
-GPU: Ati Radeon HD 6870 in 2x Crossfire
-RAM: 2 x 3GB Adata Gaming Series
-HDD: SATA II Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
-DVD+DVD RW drive
-Internal BluRay Player
-2 Cold Cathodes
-3 120mm fans
-2 180mm fans

I decided to go with the Radeon GPU's because the 400 series Nvidia cards take up so much power and run so hot, and I can't afford the 500 series. Maybe when the 600 series comes out I'll switch to that.

Should I buy the 850w or 1000w psu
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  1. ^+1 a quality 850 watts is fine with power to spare.
  2. No, the 500 series is great.... I'm saying the 400 series runs hot. Just look at the 480, you could cook on that thing.

    And I already bought the 950 and first 6870 a long time ago. My rosewill psu died and I wanna add another 6870 for crossfire
  3. I was considering either that or the 850hx.... I'm in an rv01 case which is huge with terrible cable management. I read that the cords are kind of short on the xfx
  4. I have a Corsair HX850 with no regrets.

    As for why such a big psu, well its a good question, but a general rule, 2x what you need for max efficiency and low stress on the power supply.

    My HX 850 was on sale anyway :)

    to that end, my system has trouble pulling over 350 watts(but i do not have 2 video cards either.), so maybe i went a bit too far.
  5. ^^^THAT. hahahaha
  6. Good lord will someone rip that list off the internet. Getting tired of seeing something so wrong.

    Look at the link that Psycho posted. A SYSTEM with a 6870 playing Crysis only needed 277W. Another 6870 should add at most 150W. This means any PSU that can output 425W (36A) on the 12V rail(s) will be fine. My old Antec EA500W can do 34A, so I would think any of the newer 550-600W units will be fine. You should make sure that it has all the plugs it needs to run both cards.
  7. I decided to go with the Corsair Professional Series AX850 80+ Gold Certified, simply because I had the future in mind. Perhaps you should do the same?
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