Help me troubleshoot, please

My in-laws computer stopped displaying video. It had done this once before, but seemed to be "fixed" when I swapped the VGA cable to the monitor. It's doing it again and is saying that there is no video signal.

System Specs;

Intel E6750
MSI 680i
4 x 1GB DDR2 800 Crucial Ballistix
8800 GTS 640
OCZ 500w PSU

The computer had been running flawlessly for at least 2 years.

This is what I have done:

I swapped the cable again - no signal. I swapped the DVI to VGA adapter twice - no signal. I plugged in a known working monitor - no signal. I pulled out the original GPU (8800 GTS) and put in a 4350, then plugged in the original monitor - no signal. I plugged in the known working monitor to the 4350 - no signal. I even plugged the GPUs (separately) into a different PCIE slot - no signal. I unplugged all but one stick of RAM and did it all again - no signal. I took out the CMOS battery for 30 sec and tried again - no signal.

Anyone have any ideas? It seems to me that it's either the motherboard not sending power to the PCIE slots, or the power supply failing, though I'm leaning motherboard, since everything else is spinning (CPU, fans, and fan on the SB heat-sink).

I have another motherboard to try this week and may be able to scrounge up a PSU as well.

Anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. Thanks malmental...I was hoping someone out there might see something different - I tried to be thorough, but was just hoping...

    Thanks so far.
  2. Yeah...I basically gave them an old computer that I had, but yeah...I'll agree...the GPU is overkill and not real efficient.

    I'll post back when I have repaired the thing...
  3. Well...finally had a chance to do the motherboard swap...

    It would not power on their monitor, but it did power on a different on that I brought by. Startup repair ran (for Win 7) and had an error...seems a patch did not get applied properly.

    I think I'm down to rolling back to a restore point (hopefully) or re-installing the OS.
  4. Ok...think it's done now. When I went back to power up (again) would not display.

    I took out the stick of RAM, it booted.

    It put in each of the other 3 sticks one at a time in the 2nd slot (the new board only has 2) wouldn't I think the RAM went bad.

    Put two sticks of different RAM in and it all works...

    Oh worries...can't believe it was that in the end.
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  6. Yeah...unfortunately, I did...I had unplugged all but one and swapped them.

    I think the RAM has a lifetime warranty, so I'll be contacting the company soon...nice to have spare RAM.
  7. I had the RAM for an ESXi build...looking to have VMware at home. The build is up and running again with a different board and new RAM...seems good to go. The in-laws are happy, so I'll leave it there. Now I have a spare 680i and 4x1GB of RAM (to RMA).
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