Corrupt text in games!!! =X

Hey guys,

Tried playing some counter strike source and starcraft 2. Text within those games are corrupted enough to the point where I can't read it. And for SC2, my mouse graphic doesn't even show! Graphics for the games are fine, it looks really great. I even tried reinstalling SC2 but that didn't do anything.

Another thing is when I run Final Fantasy 14, text in this game is OK. (I have no idea why)

MSI GTX 460 1gb
gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r
Corsair 6gb (3x2gb) xms3
Antec 550 psu
Antec 300 Case

I just built this PC late last week and everything is perfect except this. I have also installed the drivers for the card from Nvidia's website.

Please Help! =X

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  1. reinstall drivers perhaps
  2. The only drivers I need to install are the one's listed on Nvidia's site right? I installed them twice already. Is there a way to uninstall them and reinstall them or is it the same thing as installing twice? lol

  3. The thing is that it IS english, but it looks horrible. I would have to look really closely to figure out what I am reading. Big text however is easy to read, but just as ugly.

    Also I forgot to mention that when I first booted SC2, I got a message saying that my video card was not detected!
  4. bump. Still looking for help please.

  5. Im thinking that you may want to reinstall your OS and all your games and then try again, This should fix the problem 99.99999% of the time, If it doesn't it could be a hardware incompatibility that the developer has yet to patch.
  6. Have you got a screenshot of this? Maybe the resolution is too small (higher the smaller)?

    Just trying to work out "corrupt"
  7. ughhh I really don't want to go through reinstalling all these games and downloading patches LOL.

    I did try changing resolutions and that didn't help. Just made the corrupt text either smaller or bigger.
  8. Would it be OK to just reinstall the OS without formatting the hard drive?
  9. Well I formatted both C and the system drive and reinstalling windows. HOPEFULLY this will fix the issue.

    When it comes to installing drivers, is there a certain order that is best to do it in?
    Like is it ok for me to install the nvidia drivers the moment my pc is up and running or is there other things I should do first?
  10. bump.

    Would like some help with the questions I asked above before I go about it in a bit.

  11. No, there's not a certain order, I recommend using windows update after your fresh install and then obtaining the latest graphics driver via your card-chipset makers website(ATi or nVidia)
  12. Did as exactly as you said Decode but still same problem =X

    It's really weird how text is corrupt in other games BESIDES final fantasy 14.

    Changing the resolutions in those games did not help either.

    Currently I am using my TV as a monitor because I don't have one yet.
    The TV is a 46inch 1080p Sony. Could the size of the display have anything to do with it?

    Anybody else have any other suggestions for me?

    Thanks again
  13. Damn looks like I need a monitor asap then. I'll bring my computer to a friend's place and check it out on his monitor. Hopefully this is the issue.

    Thanks for the help =D

    I'll post back my findings whether tonight or tomorrow

    EDIT: Does there happen to be any workaround for this by the way? Like certain drivers I can install or settings within the TV?
  14. I have a 32 Inch TV i play on and TXT is fine, my old man has a 40 Inch TV and his scales fine. Never heard of an issue whilst using a TV as a Monitor.

    But maybe, just maybe 42 inch doesnt scale well, try a monitor to see is the scaling/sharpness of the txt improves.

    Be nice to know if this was the culprit. Was looking at getting a 42 Inch TV (as a monitor) myself sortly. :)
  15. So I ran SC2 and Counterstrike in Windowed mode 1080p and everything is fine. Looks like the issue occurs when I go full screen with those games
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