Newbie attemting first build...have all components...need help

hello all,

i just got all of my components in today and am going to try to assemble this rig! (i feel im in over my head)....but gonna try to accomplish this today. this is my first build, so please consider i will be asking really "noobish" questions, as i want to make sure i am thorough and dont mess anything up.

im hoping to get some assistance from you experts here at toms throughout the day when i get "stuck".

first of all, here are the components i purchased.

amd 955 be
asrock 870 extreme 3
mushkin blackline pc3-10666 ram (4 gb)
antec 902 case
sparkle computer gold class 1000w psu
sapphire 6870 x 2
samsung spinpoint 1 tb harddrive
liteon optical

i am currently trying to assemble the motherboard with cpu, cpu heatsink, ram. i already have mounted the cpu onto the motherboard successfully.

my first "stuck" of the day is regarding mounting my cpu heatsink.

i do not know if there is already thermal paste applied? how to tell?
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  1. I can't say exactly, but since you didn't list a CPU cooler, I assume you are using the stock one that came with the processor. Since I've never used one of those AMD's in anything I've built, I don't know if it comes in a little tube or pre-applied.

    Does the contact side of the fan assembly that comes in contact with the processor have clear plastic pull off with gray substance on the flat part? If it does, then the thermal compound is pre-applied. If not, then there should be a little tube of it inside the box the processor or fan came with.
  2. hello again.

    i am not installing the motherboard into the antec 902 case.

    the asrock 870 motherboard has 5 total sata ports...

    does it matter which i use on any of the devices i will be connecting?

    example...there is a sata cable that goes to front of antec 902 case for a front serial port...does it matter if this is connect to sata3_1 or sata3_2 or sata3_3 and so on?
  3. Sata cables don't matter which is which, though I would put your boot drive in sata_1 because I would assume that would be the default boot in the BIOS. If you already hooked it up another way, don't bother changing it, just realize you may/may not have to change the bios setting.
  4. if you bought the cpu from a store then there will not be any thermal paste on your cpu.if it came with the mother board then just lift up on the heatsink and if there is a white or grey/silver compound on it then there is thermal paste already on it.
    some heatsinks have thermal pads on them which aare normally a black pad on the bottom of thems so just look see if it has one(im not too sure if they still use thermal pad only see them on older system)
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