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i bought a G.SKILL 2gb ddr3 pc3-10666 ram which i was adding to my already present 2gb ddr3 pc3-10600 ram. Now after installing the new ram the system is giving beep sounds and not starting. I tried by checking with single ram and the system started when i put the old ram alone but gave the same beep sounds when the new ram was installed alone. I suppose pc3-10666 or pc3-10600 does not make a difference, where else can be the problem.

mobo:intel DG41KR

thanks in advance. :)
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  1. If the computer will not boot with only the new RAM installed more than likely you have a bad stick of RAM. I would suggest contacting G SKill and finding out how they want to work their warranty.

    Also, as I am sure another member will paste his usual cookie cutter answer about not mixing different brands, or even same brand and how you have to always use a singled tested kit and such.

    While there definitely is merit to those suggestions it is possible to make different RAM speeds work together. But RAM is so cheap right now, why don't you just get a single 4GB kit?
  2. A 4GB kit is better but i didnt want to throw away the old ram as it was working fine so decided to add another 2GB but i guess it was a bad decision :(
  3. You never know what you'll get when mixing RAM as it's a crapshoot.
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