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Hey guys, i'm looking to add a ssd to my system but I'm new to working with computers so i'm wondering if I have the procedure down correctly:

I'm looking to have windows on my SSD to improve load/boot speeds.

1) disconnect my HDD
2) connect my ssd to motherboard
3) install windows 7 onto ssd
4) reconnect HDD to motherboard
5) Make a change on BIOS to ensure that the ssd will get harddrive boot priority
6) Anything else I have to do? I hear that I have to reinstall graphics and motherboard drivers?

I'm not concerned with moving my files from my HDD to SSD atm. All this is really new to me so please let me know if i'm missing anything. Thanks!
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  1. You shouldn't even have to disconnect the HDD, if you set it to boot from disk in bios first once you enter the installation you can select the drive there. I would get a copy of your nic driver just in case but it should auto install that, once you reinstall that driver windows update should be able to do the rest.
  2. Thats pretty much it + ^ s/he said.
    You also need to partition/format it the first time.

    Or you could just format it through the WIN7 CD
  3. i would still unplug the sata cable from the hdd (and make sure you back up your existing files) also before you install windows, go into bios and make sure your ssd is set to ahci
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