Crossfire Benchmark Just Cause 2

Ok guys

I ran the benchmarks on JUST CAUSE 2 at full full settings (anti analizing x 16 etc) and this is what I got:-

Dark Tower -- FPS 42
Desert Sunrise -- FPS 53
Concrete Jungle -- FPS 38

Is this good for 2 ATI 4890 cards run in crossfire?

I think ARMA2 has other issues

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  1. What resolution did you test ?
  2. The highest. The highest of everything 1680 x 1050.

    Anti analizing x 8
    Anastrophic filtering x 16
  3. Then it looks normal to me
  4. Cool thanks. It does make a difference in this game. A pity not ARMA.
  5. Don't worry about ARMA 2,its a poorly optimized game(Operation Arrowhead is more optimized though)
  6. Ha thanks!!!
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