Is this allot of writes or not?

I have a Sandisk SSD which I used for testing and stuff 'first SSD' and it now has 34TB of writes but still works perfect and really fast. Can't the extreme's take up to 250TB at LEAST until they start just slowing down?
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  1. According to my knowledge it can bear 50 GB per day for 3 years before it starts slowing down.
  2. So it should last allot longer? I want to use it in a build but not sure if I should get an 840 Pro instead.
  3. Well, if you have it working at its best performance, then do not go for any SSD yet. It can last with you a year more or even two with that rate of usage
  4. I'd plan on using it with a 500gb HDD with a M5A97 motherboard. After that it wouldn't really get used or written to much at all.
  5. Then keep it with you and save your money
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