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Upgrading from c2d 4300 to 6600

Hi all, I need a little insight here please.
I have a mobo intel D946GZIS, 3 gb of 667 ram, ati hd4830 512 mb, a generic psu of 600w, 1 sata hd samsung 1tb, 1 ide hd seagate 80gb and a c2d e4300 runnig in xp pro and windows 7 home premium (dual boot)

The problem here is the mobo don´t let me do any OC, so i was thinking about upgrading to a sandy bridge build mid this year, but because some personal problems I will be unable of upgrading at least until mid of 2012, then looking around for some option I find a second hand hardware store who offer me to trade my 4300 + the equivalent of 33 usd for a c2d e6600 with a warranty of 30 days.

You think is a good deal? it will show a increse of performance on my rig?
this rig is for general purpose (family editing of photo and videos, reproduction of 720/1080 videos) and gaming of things like oblivion, gears of war, Mass effect, SF4, Blazblu and Im looking to try Crysis later.

Any comment you have in this will be appreciate.
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    The E6600 will help a good bit and for $33 and the trade you can't beat that I would say go for it.
  2. If the E6600 is the newer Wolfdale CPU (2.93 GHz) instead of the original E6600 (2.4 Ghz), your motherboard will not support it:
  3. ^^That wolfdale E6600 should be listed as a E6650. The E6650 will not work as jsc said.
  4. ty for your comments SAAIELLO and jsc, the E6600 is the 2.4Ghz one, so I will take this opportunity to upgrade my rig.
    Any other idea for a chep upgrade for the next year I will be stuck with this pc?
  5. +600 Mhz (+33%), +33% FSB (800->1066), double the cache. That should make things feel faster for awhile :)

    If you have part of you build budget available, you can always get the video card early... since it is *very* easy to carry over to the future upgrade system. That will also do the most to keep your games from feeling choppy for awhile. Your current card was good in its day... so check the performance charts to see if you'd get enough of a bump to warrant the $150-200-ish GPU early upgrade.

    Beyond that... the future memory is going to be DDR3 instead of 2... drive upgrades wouldn't buy you alot (SSD might be only thing... but those are still around 2$/GB)...
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