Graphics card problem?

About 3 weeks ago I built a computer. Had a DOA RAM stick which was unfortunate, but other than that everything was going fine, until tonight. My computer restarted itself. Upon restart it worked fine for about 15 minutes then the mouse froze and the computer would not respond. After restarting the samething continues to happen periodically. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes sometimes it's fine for 15 minutes or even an hour. Sometimes it completely restarts, and sometimes it just freezes. This happens when playing games, just browsing the internet, or sometimes even when moving mouse on desktop.

Ran stress test for all components twice, no errors during any of them Ran memtest for 12 hours to make sure it wasn't RAM. No errors there either. On last freeze windows action center says "address a problem with nvidias graphics driver" but when I click it says unable to download make sure you are connected to the internet.

I have the latest driver according to nvidia's site. Any ideas on what might be the culprit? I'm thinking bad gpu as it does not happen when I run in safe mode. Been in safe mode last 4 hours trying to find information on this and it's been fine.

Have amd athlon II x4 635 processor
geforce 460
4gb of ddr3
600 watt PS

The only thing that is tripping me up, is the fact it passed both stress tests
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  1. What PSU do you have and more importantly what Graphics card is it?It could be a problem with a crappy PSU or due to an overheating card.
  2. He says its a 460.

    But yeah, what PSU is it? Also did you monitor the temps on the 460? I doubt its overheating, but it could be.
  3. Corsair GS600 is the power supply.
    Graphics card is gigabyte gtx 460 1gb.

    Is it likely to be my power supply given that everything works fine as long as I am in safe mode? I hadn't considered that possiblity.

    I actually did not monitor the temps as it occurs so soon after start up (sometimes never makes it past windows screen or 10-20 seconds after windows starts up) that it didn't occur to me that it could be overheating. I will go monitor them for a bit and post them here after.

    Update: Ran furmark's stability test for an hour. Gpu temp at start 25c after 1 hour of running max temp hit 69c. No issues while running test. Used Everest to test cpu/ram for an hour. Max cpu temp 41c. It also monitors voltages. +12v max hit 12.86 +3.3V max hit 3.34 Cpu Core max hit 1.34

    I'm at a loss here. No issues while stress testing either of these. I turned off asus epu-4 engine while running them. I don't see why this would be the culprit though.
  4. It looks to me that it can be a software problem.Did you mess with drivers recently?
  5. Is Furmark the only stress test you ran? Have you run Prime95?
  6. As far as messing with drivers. Built it about 3 weeks ago so updated all drivers then through manufacturers websites. Outside of that no changes. It just started two days ago after shutting down a game the comp went back to the desktop like normal but then it froze up, left it for 5-10 minutes to see if it would respond but it didn't so did a hard shutdown. Now it just freezes or restarts periodically and action center has the message about nvidia driver. It only happens sometimes and can be simple things like browsing internet, or just moving mouse on desktop. Runs fine sometimes for 6+ hours at a time.

    Furmark is the only one I ran. I was under the impression Prime95 takes a very long time to complete, unless I've configured the settings wrong.
  7. Prime95 can take a long run if you set it too. The longer you run it the more certain that the part is good you will be, I recommend running a test for 24 hours, if it screws up I'd say you may have a faulty CPU, or PSU... Let the testing begin :/
  8. Actually, it will run forever - so you watch temps while running it and stop it after (at the very least) an hour.

    Make sure the option "Detect rounding errors" is checked.

    This test will show you whether cpu heat, voltage drop, or memory issues (settings/voltage etc) are causing your shutdowns.
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