How to recover data from corrupted harddisk


I have Seagate 1 TB external hard disk. but somehow suddenly it stopped working and even unable to detect it.

There are around 800 GB of imp data. Can anyone please guide me how i can get those data back?

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  1. There are a lot of threads with a lot of tools. I usually refer people to this list:
    or this:

    First, look in the Device Manager. Does the disk show up? Try it in another machine. The enclosure may be the problem; do you have the skills to remove the drive and connect it directly in a tower PC if it comes to that?
  2. Normally, the logically corrupted hard disk is not difficult to fix.
    To recover your data, you need a free hard disk recovery tool:
    To fix this hard disk, you need to format it after the recovery stuff:
    Right click “My Computer” =>Select “Manage”=> Choose “Disk Management” => Right click your drive on the list => format it.
    Or you can select a format tool:
    Good luck!
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