Yet Another 1st timer doing a Budget AMD System

After screwing around for far to long on newegg and other online sites, I've come up with this as an upgrade for my very aged P4 2.6ghz, Radeon HD 3850 AGP, 1g RAM --- I've never actually built my own computer and selected my own parts; I always got the old computer from when my dad would upgrade his, lol

I had a setup with an HD 4870 and the 600w version of the OCZ psu for around 8$ cheaper, but my combo was broken up this morning and it would have been 30$ more expensive and lost a 30$ rebate also so that plan got tossed. Which sucks because I was going to order this afternoon, heh

Kind of worried about the PowerColor version of the 5770, it comes OC'd and the cooler is a little worse then the reference one from what I have read. The plus side is that it has the 15$ off promo code, and with the rebate it's a very cheap dx11 card from what I've seen.

Also worried if there are any compatibility issues that are apparent. I double checked the RAM with the mobo and they're listed as compatible, also checked the processor and mobo and they were listed as compatible also.

I do have HD's available for cheap through my father's work, as well as a case to put it all together in. My budget is as far under 450$ as I can get it before rebates, for a PSU/RAM/MoBo/Graphics/Processor setup .. if anyone can put together a competing Intel rig I would definitely take a look at it, or even an Nvidia replacement that can compete or even beat the 5770 at a similar price; I'm not very company specific as long as it isn't a complete no-name brand

I plan on playing WoW, Borderlands, SC2, L4D2, F3:New Vegas, and the latest CoD...maybe Bioshock and Crysis if I find the time and it can handle it

oh, and first time poster! Hi! :D :hello:
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    I agree -- nothing worse than leaving the ten pin.
  2. I can't stand flushing one in the pocket and leaving a ringing ten pin :(

    So after some browsing around I've switched out the PowerColor 5770 with a Sapphire Vapor-X 5770 Juniper XT and upgraded the PSU to the 550w model of the OCZ Fatal1ty series.

    Looks like this

    A little more expensive but I feel better going with more power and a better name brand. Also, I plan on trying to unlock the 4th core and adding more ram in the future. Depending on game results and heat produced oc'ing the GPU and CPU is a possibility.

    Still wondering about compatibility and if there are some better options to go with, such as an Nvidia card of a comparable level or an Intel processor that can keep up with the x3 445 for a similar price range
  3. If your going to OC then you need to get an aftermarket cpu cooler. The Coolmaster Hyper 212 is pretty popular here and it is good. Heres a good cpu and cpu cooler combo
  4. From experience and also from an article I read in the past 3 weeks..... you don't want a Fatality PSU. Look into getting a Corsair. And I'd get 4gig of memory right off the bat. Crucial Ballistix isn't one of the brands I would get. It's also very expensive next to getting Better memory IMO.
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