Gtx 295 on AMD MSI

Hey, I have a AMD MSI motherboard with a Phenom II quadcore CPU, a 750W PSU, 4gb ddr2 800RAM.
I got a Nvidia GTX 295 and when I install it, it won't even display a post, and my GT 220 won't even post either...

Can any1 help?
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  1. Did you plug in all the power cables? Also try booting without the card.
  2. The power cables wouldn't have anything to do with it if his GT 220 won't run with it.
    Does the fan on either card run when the computer is running?

    You may have to go into your bios using an onboard graphics card and switch the settings to PCI-E.
  3. Check the board since if two cards in a row doesn't work then its the board and sometimes a bad psu.
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