E6600 Core temp discrempancy

I just put a Pentium E6600 into a HTPC. The two cores are showing a temperature difference of between 7-10C.
Seems like a lot to me. Any input?
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  1. Maybe one is doing more work and therefore warmer. 7-10C is not much.
  2. Perhaps one core is doing more processing than the other.

    What does Task Manager tell you in the performance tab?
  3. There is not a big difference in the work load of the two cores.
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    If that's the case, then maybe the thermal paste has not been properly applied so that it covers the cpu surface evenly.
  5. Good call, I will re-seat it.
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  7. My quad fluctuates up to 7c between cores. This is normal for c2d and c2q architectures.
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