N1000P-00 Power Supply 1000w PM480 run 480 gtx

i friend of mine have a 710 dell. He just bought 2 480 gtxs. Will the power supply support this?
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  1. ok this might sound dumb but im guessing i have to get a splitter for the plugs cause the cards come with a plug that has 2 six pin going into and eight. On the card it has room for a six and a eight. I only have 4 or 5 six pin plug. can they be split
  2. yeah i tried that and when i hooked all of it up the computer wouldnt start....All i got was beebs
  3. I'm trying to do the same thing. However the cables provided for the video cards consist of two 6A and two 10A cables (at least they had that label on them). I need to get an extension cable for the white connector cables as well because they will not reach in their current state. I know the splitter cable takes those two 3-pin white connectors, but what cables go into the 8-pin splitter? the two 10A, the 10 and 6, or both 6?
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