Should i get an ssd?

I am going to be building a new PC (after i get a job, but i like to think in advance) and i was wondering, is it a good idea for me to get a 60 GB ssd?

on my laptop, if you remove the movies my sister put on it, it's only 20 gb of windows, program files, program files x86, program data, users and whatever else is used for windows, anyway, it would only take up 1 third of the space, and i'd have a 1 tb wd blue hdd for the movies, games, music and so on.

it's pretty cheap, so, should i get one when i buy my pc components (i don't care if it's when i buy everything else or later, but i'd have to reinstall windows later)

if you can help me, i'd appreciate it :)
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  1. think of a slightly larger drive.... I have a 80 GB SSD and that works for me but a 120 GB drive may be in order for you!
  2. SSD make for a great overall pc experience. They will boot you PC really fast and load gaming maps fast. But, once in a game, there is no real benefit. (assuming this PC is for gaming.) But, I would get at least a 120 Gig drive. SSD's tend to slow down once they start to get full, ad it doesn't take much to fill 60 gigs. In my first gaming build I put in a 60 gig drive and wish I would of went bigger as I am constantly checking it.
  3. well, the 60 gb one is like...80 $
  4. 60 will work, but not recommended.
  5. well, it's got 3 times what i nedd, what would you recommend?
  6. If $80 is your limit, you may be stuck with under a 128 gig drive. You can find some good deals from time to time on a 128 gig drive. I got a Samsung 830 128 gig drive on here (in the classified section for $60 and it works great). But for new, $80 is kinda low for 128 gig drive..but prices are coming down all the time. I think the OCZ vertex 4 drives are nice as well as the samsung 840 pro.
  7. This guy has one for $60 shipped..just one example..and I know nothing about the drive.
  8. I have 60GB and it's annoying having to literally micromanage your space on it.
    I've got Windows 8 Pro with Media Center on it along with bunch of basic applications (7-Zip, VLC, Acrobat Reader, Winamp, Zoner Photo Studio, Skype, WLM, Chrome, Firefox and all the essential runtime libraries, i.e. Java, C++, .NET, stuff required for some games to run etc.)
    I've also got a single game on SSD taking up 12GB. My free space is down to 14GB at the moment, and that's only because I moved whole Users folder to HDD, reduced pagefile to 1GB (down from 8GB, set another one on HDD RAID0 array to avoid OS lock-up in case my RAM usage exceedes 8+1GB; it happened once actually when I was working with 3 virtual machines at the same time), disabled hibernation, installed Office, 3DS, Photoshop and few other bigger applications to HDD (and manually offloaded the components they install to C:\ by default with directory junctions to HDD).
    I keep only the game I'm currently actively playing on SSD, having to keep all others on HDD.
    There are few other quirks to be mindful of, but what I said already should scare you enough into buying at least 120GB SSD.
    Also don't forget to consider having to leave at least 20% of space free on your SSD to avoid fatal write amplification levels and to keep your SSD at peak performance.

    Edit: Also, if your budget is limited to $80 keep in mind that any SSD will be many times faster than any HDD you might have, so it's better getting low-end (asynchronous NAND) SSD of higher capacity than high-end (toggle NAND) SSD of lower capacity. In other words, get the cheapest, biggest SSD you can afford. this one was best I could find in 2mins, but there are always some on sale if you spend some time looking around.
  9. not a limit, but i don't wanna spend a lot of money for a sdd, it's just something i would like to have if it is cost effective
  10. In that case, I'd spend $90 on a 120GB SSD if I were you.
    Trust me, you don't want to nitpick between applications/games/system files to eke out an extra GB or 2 of space.
  11. cheapest one i can find on the site i'm buying everythig from costs 135$
  12. 120gb one
  13. Are you limited to just the one site?
  14. yea, cheap prices, free shipping for packages over a certain price
  15. Well one thing I can say is, since I have been using SSD's, I find it very annoying to use a pc without one. If I could only get a SSD with 60 gigs, I would still get it.
  16. well, how about 90 gb?
    is that enough?
    since i'll have a 1tb?
  17. 1 tb HDD*
  18. yea, that will leave you enough for a few games and windows. you will be much happier than with the 60 gig
  19. Just make sure to install other stuff to the HDD. And if you play on steam, read this..
  20. nope, no steam
    also, i'd probably reroute the installations to a partition on the HDD
    so, would that be good enough to give me great performance, or could i leave the program files on ssd?
  21. the ocz agility 3 is a 120gb ssd and is 80 dollars at microcenter 85 dollars at newegg
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