Current Best M/Board for i5-2500K Gamer

Hi guys, sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't quite come to a conclusion from previous threads...

I plan to go with the i5-2500K CPU and aim to overclock on the stock cooler. (Maybe upgrade if really needed.)
I will run a single Gigabyte GTX560 Ti GPU. (Fastest single 560 on charts and best value in class.)

Used for gaming + general Windows usage.

My question :
What M/Board would you suggest? (Looking at 150-200$ ballpark)
P67 vs Z68 and why?
Would you pair with any other CPU?

Going with Gigabyte GPU I thought Gigabyte board... don't know if that matters at all...

Any suggestions welcome. I'm a noob at this and rather than waste money "learning" i'll ask people with experience!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would *highly* suggest against clocking on the stock HSF... You will get nothing but headaches.
  2. Thanks rolli59, I see you suggest the GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3. It is on my short list and probably a favourite at the moment.

    I also looked at the older P67 boards which clocked well, but it seems the new sandy bridge i5-2500k i'm going for justifies using the Z68 chipset.

    itzdanielp - Thanks, I take heed to your warning. Will go with proper cooling from the start then!

    Also looked at the MSI Z68A-GD5 and the ASRock Z68 Pro3.
    Higher priced boards go over the $200 mark, and the rest of the hardware i'm using doesn't justify that. Neither the features i'm looking for.

    Any more suggestions welcome. I am leaning towards rolli59's suggestion, unless someone has a reason not to go with that board.

    Either way, feel free to give your opinion.

  3. Those boards I suggested weren't available at the time of the review. Not saying it's bad, just more options.
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