Whic one would be good Ati 5570 or Ati 5670 for my setup

My Configurations

i5 760
4 GB ddr3
500wats PSU

I just want to know that which one would be more compatible without any issues like loudness and other video problems
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  1. You did not need to start a new thread, we could have continued the discussion on your previous thread.
  2. oh sorry for that i am mainly looking playing games like crysis , gta 4 , like high end games.. Please suggest me which one would be better considering the compatibility
  3. You would not be able to play at anything beyond 1280x1024 resolution at high settings with such games with either of the cards.But the 5670 is more powerful of the two.
  4. +1 to hd 5670
  5. Whether Pci 2.1 card is compatible with pci 2.o slot My mobo has pci 2.0 slot can it be compatible with pci 2.1 card
  6. yes, it is compatible.
  7. is there any driver problem will come for ati 5670 with the dh55tc since i read in other forums that there is driver problems and video wont display properly
  8. The driver problem is due to video card drivers, not mobo drivers.You should try to stick with catalyst 10.4, which are the most stable drivers from AMD.
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