Need help on building a computer.

Hello, i'm thinking about ausu crosshair 1v formula/ i7 core processor 3.06 ghz 8m and I need help on the best componets to match up with these items?
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  1. Before we can make recommendations, please tell us everything you wish to do with the computer? If you are a hardcore gamer, avid photoshop user, or like to encode movies, our memory and video card recommendations with be much different than if you just want to browse webpages and rip CDs.

    Please list all the uses that you need, and the uses you would like to do later too.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong in assuming you're interested in gaming... it seems a lot of people get into building computers for that reason alone, and you defnitely don't need an i7 processor to browse the web and rip cd's.

    Obviously if you have unlimited resources, you should go with either the gtx 570/580 in sli and 12GB of RAM, but nobody really needs that to play the latest games on max on one monitor.
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