what is the advantage of AVR in my computer?...please help..
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  1. AVR?
  2. Another exam question, right? So is it:

    Atmel AVR, a family of microcontrollers
    Audio/Video Receiver
    Automated Voice Response
    Automatic Voltage Regulator

    Or maybe even:

    AVR reactor, a German prototype pebble bed reactor
  3. most likely it's an Automatic Voltage Regulator.

    The thing that should "clean up" electricity before it reaches the psu.
  4. Herr_Koos said:

    AVR reactor, a German prototype pebble bed reactor

    I soooooooooooooo want a PBR powered computer

  5. mavroxur said:
    I soooooooooooooo want a PBR powered computer


    Would be awesome, eh? South Africa were developing one until recently, but the project got canned.
  6. Assuming AVR means Automatic Voltage Regulation, this is usually a feature of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS units). This allows them to lower or raise an erratic incoming voltage to the proper output voltage without relying on the batteries; i.e. instead of going to battery if the voltage strays too much, circuits in the unit correct that voltage. This preserves run time for actual outages.
    If you are not using a UPS, but a Line Conditioner with AVR, then its output will be more consistently within an expected range. A surge protector alone cannot adjust the incoming voltage that way. How this helps your computer is possibly reducing stress on the PSU. Efficiency drops as input voltage drops, meaning more power is being wasted as heat. Heat is not good for electronic components. A line conditioner with AVR will provide voltages that allow your computer's PSU to operate more efficiently. To see examples of this, read some of the PSU reviews at HardOCP.com, where they include tests at 100V, in addition to the usual 120V tests.
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