Need help in assembly (antec 902 and asrock 870 xtreme

hello all,

im trying to assemble my first computer and have ran into a snag.

im using the antec 902 case and an asrock 870 extreme motherboard.

my question is:

there is a cord coming from front of case that is labeled ear has 2 connectors...1 says hd audio, the other says ac'97. i am not sure where to connect these to the motherboard...

please help ... thanks for any replies
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  1. There should be a connector in the bottom left had corner about 2-3" from the bottom of the board. You will connect either the hd audio or the ac'97. From the pictures it appears to be a white connector. It will be labeled with something saying audio.
  2. It is right next to the pci slot. above the chip labeled auvoton.
  3. You will most likely use the one labeled HD audio
  4. ok.. i found the connector that says hd_audio01.

    i can connect the ... so i will plug in the plug that says hd audio into it...but what about the connector that says ac'97?
  5. One is for HD audio and one is for analog. You don't to use it for anything.
  6. You can either let it dangle or tie it back. You shouldn't cut the unused AC'97 off.
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