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I can't get the new GPU (Ati Raden 5770) to get signal out to my monitor.

I have a P5LP-LE MOBO and the PC (an HP one) came with a TV tuner card.

Anyway, I'm running Windows 7 and I disabled the integrated graphics card. Then I turned off the computed, disconnected the power and took the TV tuner card out (first I had to unlatch a pin that was hooked to it).

Then I took my 5770 and inserted it into the PCI Express slot. Next I hooked it up to my new PSU (Cooler master, 600W).

Ok, so far so good. Right? Well, here comes the problem. I start the PC and all the fans, even the 5770's one, are running however my monitor goes to sleep after saying it detects no signal.

What did I do wrong? How can I correct this?

I mean, my monitor has a DVI out slot and I tried hooking the cable first to the bottom slot of the card and then to the top one but it made no difference.

What should I do? I tought that maybe I did something wrong so I got the 5770 out and reinserted the old tv tuner card. Monitor got signal.

Taking the chance provided I went into the MOBO and under the GPU options I only get to sources PCI or Onboard however I know the MOBO has a PCI Express slot.

Please help me out, I've been at this for 5 hours straight and it's gotten so bad that I want to cry (seriously >.<).
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  1. So I've been reading, do you think it's a problem with the MOBO? According to some sites HP/Compaq's lack of BIOS updates makes it impossible for PCI Express 1.0 slot to recognize PCI Express 2.1 GPUs, do you think that's the problem?

    Are they correct? If so I'll never buy a prebuilt again (I was 15 yo, didn't know how to build a new PC myself).
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