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i just installed a new power source on my gen 1 p4 computer. when i start it up, i hear the harddrive kick in, but it never starts the keyboard, mouse or moniter. on several occassions it just beeped rapidly. i removed the PS to put in my main computer, and it has been sitting without for a coupel months. what can i do to fix it? could the PS be the sole reson for the problem? it went from a 680w to a 530w.
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  1. Did you plug in the 4 pin CPU power connector to the motherboard? Constant beep indicates CPU failure!
  2. yes, i plugged in the motherboard, the wireless card turns on as i can see the light blinking, i got the beeping to stop after i unplugged a dead fan that was precariously positioned behind a solid case... it just will not recognize any of the periphrials.
  3. So you have both connectors connected! Follow this guide step by step If that does not help post back with full system specs.
  4. what is your system, namely the cpu, gpu, and how many drives do you have?

    what is the amperage (amps) on the 12volt rail?
  5. When was the last time you checked that cmos battery, the 1 that usually helps the bios retains it's memory?
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