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Hi, I am hoping someone will have some advice for me. I recently purchased a Crucial M4 256GB SSD to replace my 140GB HDD for my HP Pavilion notebook. I have tried 3 different cloning softwares, and none of them seem to work. The closest I got was with the Macrium Reflect; it showed that the new SSD had the same amount of data on it, but a window popped up that said Windows could not read the drive. I installed it just to see, and the computer would not boot. The other softwares failed with error messages. Thinking there was an issue with my HDD, I ran DSKCHK, which froze, went to a blue screen which said something was corrupt, and then restarted and repeated. If I start the computer normally, it works fine, just slow, that is why I wanted the SSD. Is there anything I can do? Would it be worth it to recover the HDD back to factory conditions and the clone to the SSD? I have all my data backed up so I am not that worried about losing anything, but I don't have my original Windows install disk.

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  1. You should just be able to download an iso of your version of windows (google "lifehacker windows 7 iso"), burn it to a disk, install from there and activate it with the product key from the label on your laptop.
  2. First, How was the HDD set up when windows was installed. If IDE then you need to first set to AHCI - If IDE then:
    Leave bios set IDE. Use either "fix it for me" or "let me fix it myself". once that is done reboot go to bios and set to AHCI.

    You do NOT want to "Clone" as that is a direct sector-by-sector copy You want to Migrate and at the same time correct some differences between HDD and SSD. Such as enabling Trim and PROPERLY aligning the partition. The two programs I use are:
    EasyUS, a freebee:
    and My favority, EZ-GIG ($18 @ newegg):

    Once you can boot to windows on the SSD download AS SSD, do NOT need to run the benchmark, just open and look at the upper left:
    .. Make model of SSD
    .. FW (you want the latest)
    .. Driver DO NOT want to see "pcide = BAD" If a Intel chipset then best is iaSTor although msahci is OK you will take a small performance hit
    .. Partition alignment Should show "OK"

    Will still need to verify that Trim is enabled (just google enable trim.

    You may want to DELETE all partitons that have been installed on the SSD first.

    You will find that when moving from an HDD -> SSD it is best to do a "Clean" install with ALL other HDDs disconnected. I only recommend the migration method in specific cases. All the issues I stated are AUTOMATICLY done with a Clean Install PLUS you end up with a FRESH CLEAN registry.

    As J_E_D_70 said. You can also just barrow a Installtion dvd, just do NOT input the KEY when proped. after Installation is completed use the Key from your laptop to activate it.
  3. I used clonezilla for 60GB SSD to 120GB and it worked fine. I messed up a few times, but i got it to work w/o any issues. perfect clone. you may have to format the SSD or wipe it or something along those lines before getting a clone to work right.
  4. Cloning from SSD -> SSD is great, have done it may thimes myself with any problems.
    Just do NOT recommend when going from HDD -> SSD.
  5. You can do an HDD check, just go to Computer, right click you HDD -> go to "Tools" -> "Check now" on Error-checking and press start.
    This can take some time.
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