New i5-750 build, stock HSF, 87 degrees avg or so too hot :(

Hey guys, I just got my PC going very very happy with it. I am checking the temps with Speccy and RealTemp, both ranging around 85-91, I am currently installing the patch for Bad Company 2 on a pretty slow connection so that might have something to do with it, other than that I just got this browser running.

I know that's way too hot, I got the stock heatsink and fan, I don't think telling parents I wanna dish out another $35 for a good cooler would be a good idea at the moment as we're kinda financially not too great atm, but I think maybe I should get some thermal paste? I wanna order from Newegg, something you guys would recommend, also with instructions so I don't mess anything up hopefully. So yeah need some thermal paste recommendations from Newegg, don't wanna order off another site unless it's real quick cause convincing the padre to make a whole new acc isn't too easy at times

I could also try to get the cooler, always heard great things bout the Hyper 212+, great price, but maybe I'll get both even

Im gonna be playing Bad Company 2 which is real CPU intensive if I'm not mistaken, so Im freakin out since if Im gonna be runnin it at full specs and it's 87 now, with a game like that it might get way too hot? My friends have same CPU, stock HSF like me, they played BC2 and Crysis without any problems, I'll ask em their temps tomorrow too

Please let me know what you think, Ill report temps after patching is done over night

EDIT: What is the most accurate and easy to understand temp program in your opinion? I want one that is just simple, doesn't take up too much power to run, with accurate and detailed results. Also what kind of temps should I shoot for? I'm highly considering the Hyper 212+

Should I absolutely quit using the PC at a certain temp after a while? The more info the better, thanks guys!

Heard good things bout Tuniq TX-2, only $7 too -
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  1. Is the reading in deg C or deg F?
  2. Update: Checked overnight, patching failed thanks to crap internet near my house, repatching now should be faster, the CPU temp went to 35 or so so seems like it was the download, It's currently 77 avg although Im downloading, Im real happy to see that, will be getting as suggested soon

    Will report ingame temps once patching is done
  3. You still haven't answered my question. If your CPU goes to 77C just while downloading, something is seriously wrong. Did you apply any thermal paste at all? Is the heatsink seated properly?
  4. I apologize, I had said Celsius but it didnt let me edit my post. I will be getting the thermal paste above.

    I think what happened is, I put my computer together, booted. Had to take stuff apart, could see some of the thermal paste melted on top of CPU, so prob not too effective when you kinda take it off, barely any came with the stock HSF.

    It is seated probably, just needs more paste. When it's not downloading temps go to like 35 real quick, I think it's cause it's a big file and slow speeds, but Ill be getting the paste above.
  5. It is seated properly* ^ Toms doesn't let me edit my posts half the time so I have to do a double post, it is seated PROPERLY not probably
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