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Don't know if the link will work or not, but here's my question. What is the difference between these two CPUs? They read identical in every way, with exception to one being 2.8 vs 3.2ghz and the faster being black edition.

I'm trying to put together an upgrade for my system, and will be getting a new Mobo, Ram & CPU as I already have the Video Card but it currently bottlenecks due to the slow CPU I have now.

I haven't really decided on any CPU, but this is a question I had, so if you have any suggestions for CPU,Mobo,RAM (maybe case) for around 250-350 budget, I would be appreciative.
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  1. Only Wattage and Clock speed is the difference along with the price.......But Black Edition offers more headroom for Overclocking.....i.e. unlocked multiplier....
  2. Comes to 375.96 including the 2.99 shipping for the memory. Slightly above my budget. Been looking at the Sandy Bridges, but wasn't sure.

    Can you also recommend a good case? Cheaper the better, think I may change my current one. Don't know what it is (make/model wise) as it was given to me.

    In case you need to know for sizing, I have an ATI Radeon 5770.

    Is my PSU powerful enough? OCZ700SXS
  3. Is my PSU powerful enough?

    One caveat: My PSU blew and waiting on RMA process, if they did what they did last time, I'll have a different PSU.

    You replied faster than I was able to edit.
  4. One last question, can I give credit for best answer to 2 people? :)

    rohn_avni for answering my main question for the post.
    PsychoSaysDie for suggesting the new system

    I've been scared to go Intel, don't know anything about them, I have only used AMD in all my builds. The only one I may not have (honestly can't remember) would be the very first one some 16 years ago.

    Edit: Looks like I won't be getting the case, will have to hope the one I have will last a bit longer :)
  5. Well, you got me convinced to switch to Intel when I upgrade.

    Do you think there is anything else I should upgrade? I do have more money (Taxes) but would like to save some, but what else do you think I should upgrade?

    Should I get the new case or just use what I have?
    How about HDD? I have 2 500GB in a mirror raid setting.

    Sorry about all the questions.

    EDIT: as far as the games
    WoW, Mass Effect 1, soon to be 2 when I get my PC up and running again, and 3 when it comes out.

    Other than that, some casual games that I play when I get bored with all the above.
  6. Game at my monitors res if possible: 1400 x 900 I think...that machine is down and I'm on a very weak computer.

    Case was given to me, but the box it was in had no markings an the case itself doesn't have any markings either. Don't know where else to look on or in the case to find any markings as to make/model of it.
  7. Thanks again for your help.

    I may get this case:

    But won't know for sure, as the one you posted is going for 39.99 with the $10 promo they have going, but doubt it'll still be there when I get my tax refund.
  8. The Challenger (last one you posted) has better cable management (you can see the slots where power cables can run behind the mobo). I'm thinking about one of those myself, and then I'll probably put some heavy foam on the side panels (openings there aren't needed for good airflow) to further reduce any noise.
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