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I have a 40" Sharp Aquos 1080p tv. The resolution of 1080p for the computer is 1920x1080 however when I select that resolution on my computer the tv cuts off about half an inch on all sides. I have a GTX 295 and Im running a DVI to HDMI cable. Also if anyone knows how to use HDMI to HDMI it would be helpful. I cannot figure it out because BFG's website is down for some reason
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  1. You should use VGA cable to your sharp aquos (I HAVE SAME TV XD!).
    If you don't have one, maby its because you set to "stretch" or "zoom" when it shouldn't be.
  2. i thought that the vga cable could only support up to 1370x768 or something like that. With the stretch and zoom are you talking about on the tv or with the nvidia control panel???
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