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i want to swap my intel q8200 for an q8300 on a msi 7380 v1.2 motherboard do i need to uninstall anything and will i need to clean off the thermal paste and apply new paste?thanks
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  1. If the q8300 is on the "cpu support" list on msi's website and the bios program is the same as your current bios, then you shouldn't have to do anything. If you're not overclocking, I don't recommend cleaning the cpu; if you want to add any thermal paste, place a single drop on the center, and let the pressure from the heatsink spread it out. Handle the components as little as possible. If temps change slightly, don't get too paranoid about it. Some folks worry too much about temps.
  2. If you are reusing the same HSF as for the Q8200, I would definitely clean and reapply paste, just to be on the safe side.
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