Bad sectors

my windows is always fail and i setup many copies/versions

i advised that may the HDD has bad sectors

i used some programs but i still don't know how much bad sectors oon the hard are bad

really i don't know what does the numbers and names i got means

when i did SMART i got
health BAd

in red:

-- S.M.A.R.T. --------------------------------------------------------------
ID Cur Wor Thr RawValues(6) Attribute Name
05 117 117 140 000000000295 Reallocated Sectors Count
in black:
C4 _43 _43 __0 00000000009D Reallocation Event Count
C5 200 200 __0 000000000000 Current Pending Sector Count
C6 200 200 __0 000000000000 Uncorrectable Sector Count
C7 200 200 __0 000000000048 UltraDMA CRC Error Count
C8 200 200 _51 000000000000 Write Error Rate

with other programs am not sure about there name i got :
cannot read last cluster on C
c: may need logical block addressing enabled (LBA)

any one can explain LBA for me ?

other message i got :
scandisk encountered a data error while reading cluster 294155

c:9.; file is damaged
c:I.k file is damaged and others

i think (without experience ) that these mean i got bad sectors
any one can ensure that for me ?
and if yes
how can i treat these bad sectors ?
is there any free easy programs to do that ?
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  1. Basically it means your harddrive is shot. Dying/dead, toast, etc. STOP. Turn off the computer and pull the bad drive. Go buy a new drive, reinstall windows. Turn off computer and put the bad drive back in. Try to browse it and see if you can save any data. The less you use it now, the better.
  2. i will try stellar now
    actually i don't ave money right now for new hard :)
    Thank you guys
  3. stellar is for getting data back ?
    i can login my windows now
    i want a program to repair the bad sectors
    or less it bad affects
  4. Yeah your drive is a goner broseph. go buy a new one. but remember to back up everything you want to another drive maybe an external or something. if it is in a tower i would recommend getting a 7200 RPM drive or higher. if you want a little better performance and a drive that backs itself up when it writes data get two of the same drive and set them up in a RAID 1 with your MOBO. it rocks. I got two 750Gb drives in RAID 1 in mine and I love it.
  5. Any program that "fixes" bad sectors merely marks them as bad so that data doesn't get wrote to the bad areas on the drive. The problem is you have bad sectors and they will continue to spread. And you will continue to write data to sectors that will die later, and lose more data.

    I know money doesn't grow on trees. But you need to find a way to get a new drive. Buy a used one off of craigslist or amazon if you need to.
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