MB+CPU+Mem (expandable) for ~$150?

Hi all,

My elderly AGP card finally bit the dust, taking my elderly desktop machine with it. I refuse to go out and buy another, so I have to update everything. Unfortunately, money is extremely tight right now. :pfff:

My "plan" is to buy a somewhat future-proof motherboard with onboard graphics and couple it with a bargain-basement CPU and memory. Then I can upgrade to a better cpu, graphics card and more memory down the line. I don't play high-end games, but I would like to be able to watch 1080p/30fps home videos (this is what killed my graphics card).

I was looking at:
ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO/U3S6 (open box)
2Gb DDR3 1333
Sempron 140 2.7 GHz

Does anyone have any advice/recommendations? Should I just limp on with my notebook until I have an extra $100 to throw at it?
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  1. I think rolli has picked out a pretty much perfect set for you...

    Alternatively if you dont mind spending 15$ more than you have picked out.... I would just go for this combo deal.

    This will give you an extra 2gb of ram to play around with.... BUT it would be at the cost of being DDR 2 vs DDR 3 ram.

    I would probably choose rolli's pick if i were you... but just know you have this option.
  2. I would say go with an atom+ion combo
  3. IMO wait a little more, towards the end of the year prices should go down.
  4. The op wants a "somewhat" future-proof system. I wont be recommending DDR2.

    Prices indeed are likely to come down, but at this ultra-budget end of the market ($100-$120 for CPU+Mobo), it ain't gonna be worth the wait IMO, coz you're not gonna gain much more than 10-15 bucks, I don't think & that too, after spending weeks without connectivity.

    I'll get a $59 AMD Athlon II X2 250 + $55 ASUS M4N68T-M AM3 + $38 Kingston HyperX Blu 2GB DDR3 1600 TOTAL=$153

    CPU : Best value for money CPU at this price-range after the E5500 IMO.

    Mobo : Asus mobo with decent Nvidia video.

    RAM : I'm going with single channel RAM to leave you an option open to upgrade to 4/6GB at a later date.

    This will cost exactly the same as the Sempron in your link, but when the entire world is moving towards quad cores, you'll do well to at least get a dual. Single cores are really so 19th century :) Also, every part is brand new, untouched. No open box uncertainties.
  5. my suggestion:
    880G, Athlon II X2, and 2 GB DDR3 as a bare system for now

    AS Rock 880G: $59.99

    AMD Athlon II X2 245 Regor 2.9GHz Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor

    Crucial Rendition DDR3-1333 2 GB: $29.99

    TOTAL $147.97
  6. actully, put the 250 in my build to make it $148.97.

    withe either the 245/250, there is a chance to unlock more cores (potentially as a quad core, but don't count on it). either way the 880 has a solid built in HDMI output which will handle streaming 1080p video just fine.

    The system can be updated from the starting 2 GB up as high as 16 GB. The CPU can take any Athlon II or Phenom II CPU. and of courese, any PCIe video card
  7. These are some great recommendations. Thanks, guys. I'm learning a lot!

    It seems to me that future-proofing at this point is essentially impossible, because Bulldozer may or may not be AM3-compatible, and pci-e 3 is on its way soon , too.

    Perhaps I should just try to get the most bang for my buck and resign myself to another complete iteration in a couple of years...
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    Check Newegg every day this month. They're having different sales/promos every day this month. At least them you may be able to pick up something cheaper than you usually might get it.
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