8800gts softmod into Quadro fx4600

Anyone know if I can do this with this card?


I am building a cad rig but don't want to shell out a lot for a workstation card, I have heard good things about softmods (300% improvement in solidworks).

Also if anyone has done this before, could I get some tips. Thanks
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  1. The problem is that the quadro FX 4600 is listed as a 384 bit card while this is a 320bit which sucks ass there. You will need to do more research looking from just the right card and bios to do your mod. The same applies to ati cards. First you need a compatible card for the soft mod then the right bios, once you have the rom image you will need to match the clocks in the new rom as that in the old rom. Once done editing them under nbitor you will need either a bootable flash or floppy that has msdos, not the whole os just the basics. Then load nvflash, the commands can be a pain in the ass depending on the version but you will need this to get the old rom from your card and to flash the card with the new rom that you have downloaded and edited. the same applies to ati card but you will need rbitor and a editor for ati bios images.
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