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Is physx necessary for great gaming?

i am getting ready to purchase either a ati 5850 or a gtx 470 card.i noticed that ati does not support physx.will that make a major difference in batman arkham asylum and spiderman web of shadows.i am playing on a 24 inch monitor with 1920 x 1080
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  1. Only for Batman AA and Mafia II it makes a noticeable difference. Go look on youtube videos on PhysX in batman AA and see for yourself if its really important to you.
  2. Agreed with ct1615, it used to do things, but now its a gimmick. @ ct, you and EVGA might start to need to pick up ATI cards soon, 6xxx coming soon :lol:
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    I like it

    I hit a tree in a game (the game that shall no longer be mentioned here)
    and the way it fell just really disappointed me ruined the experience to be honest
    it doesn't happen all the time but every once in a while you will see something happen in a photorealistic game and it just looks tarded.

    phisx can prevent that from happening
  4. Mafia II is a new game that uses PhysX well.
    A sequel to batman Arkham has just been announced Batman: Arkham City
    The original uses physX extensively.
    So imo, its alive and in use as much as its ever been.
  5. It really is a gimmick if you ask me, and very very few games use it. I dont think it makes a card worth it or not. So the real question is just 5850 vs 470. I say 460 :D
  6. You dont have to buy quite as beefy PSU for the 5850, it doesn't get as hot, and the card itself is less expensive, but it performs slightly worse than gtx470. Im not too sure how long physx is going to last, Im sure they will add some kind of hardware physics accelleration into direct x.

    go with the cheap one =p , freaking physx doesn't matter. and it was a plot by nvidia (as the link suggests)
  8. Physx is worth it in my opinion, if you want to get everything out your graphics system.
  9. Only for metro 2033,mafia 2, my opinion Physx is worth...but make sure to have a descent video card like 9800gt or above.
  10. I heard PhysX is not used in so many games.... in fact i doubt any of us will notice any difference if its on or off?
  11. to answer the OP's question.

    the fact that you can turn it on and off means it's not a necessity.
  12. Heres why i think Physx is unecessary. For 1, as stated, you can turn it off if you really want to. 2, it takes a game from looking perhaps not detailed enough from a birdseye view you cant get, to making it excessively unrealistic. Sometimes it looks better, but even then, its always unrealistic. If you watch the mafia 2 physx vs no physx, it looks like shooting bullets you cant see with no physx, to shooting rocks out of your gun. 3, its not used in most games, and others dont use it extensively. 5, only some video cards do it, and i get plenty enjoyable gaming on my 4890 without it. Nice, in a few occasions, yes, worth getting a possibly inferior card, NO.
  13. Just for the record I've always had Nvidia cards until my GTX 295 died. I don't hold that against Nvidia it was just one of those things. However at the time I wantred high end and so chose the ATi XFX 5970 Black Edition and have never been happier. I don't know if it's just me but I think this card seems to have more clarity and better definition than the 295. Also I have not noticed any difference in terms of PhysX using my ATi card. All games run EXACTLY the same as my 295 only 30% odd quicker.
  14. wh3resmycar said:
    to answer the OP's question.

    the fact that you can turn it on and off means it's not a necessity.

    You can turn AA/AF on and off, too.
  15. skolpo said:
    You can turn AA/AF on and off, too.

    Also shadows,particles, advanced lighting, high medium details.
    For the physX haters , don't support games that feature physX. Evidently some appreciate it ,because new games are being made featuring it. And Nvidia seems dedicated to it.
    Its called choice.
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