Looking for a power supply / case

basically i'm looking for a PSU that can handle the following setup, as well as fit in a case. im pretty much building a system from the ground up. here is the build im after:

case: antec 1200
mobo: Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO
cpu: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor (4 or 6 core)
graphics: 2x ati 5770
psu: TPQ-1200

i already know the mobo cpu and gpu will all fit together, however im having trouble finding a psu and case. from what i found the antec 1200 seems like a case i would like, but im not sure of the psu that can fit inside. i'm looking for a 1200~ watt psu for this build but they seem hard to find.

any ideas or suggestions for a case and psu that work well together would be appreciated.
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  1. A 1200W PSU seems completely overkill for that unless your running a massive stack of hdd's or something. I could possibly understand if you were using some of the power hungry Nvidia parts or perhaps a higher end ATI one, but the 5770's really don't draw much power or even the highest end i7 CPU's (980x is 130W).

    To give you an idea my system with a single 5770 with a Phenom II X6 (125W before OCing) + normal extras could run on a 400W PSU perfectly fine. In fact even AMD themselves only recommend a 600W PSU for dual 5770's and listed requirements tend to go on the side of caution to account for things like crappy cheap PSU's that don't list their true power (they give a "peak" output, and in practice you can not get even close to that without blowing the thing up).

    That case looks fine and has got a lot of good reviews. The only thing to be careful of is that the PSU is located at the bottom rather than the top, and some PSU's do not include cables long enough to reach some of the motherboard sockets (normally located near the top of the mother board). This is not a great issue as extension cables are cheap, however finding out after you have the parts is a major pain when you have to put a second order in.
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