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Which 20+ inch display?

I want a 20+ inch display thats reliable for about 160$ .

I'll be using a GeForce 460 and I want at least one HDMI and DVI port.

That's really all.
My cpu is a Athlon ll Regor 2.9 ghz factory clocked.
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  1. First of all, Id suggest a GTS450 for a dual core, the CPU will hold back the 460 by a bit for some games. What do you mean by "Factory Overclocked" anyways? Is it an OEM machine?
    Anyways, there are lots of monitors available in this range and I would suggest going to a local store for the convenience and the sake of shipping charges just in case you get one with a bad pixel or one you don't like, monitors are one of the more personal items when specs aren't everything.

    But heres two on the egg thats pretty decent:
  2. By factory clocked I mean I haven't overclocked it in any way.

    But, thanks for the suggestions.
  3. I got my 24" LG for 230$ here in Norway, and as you might know its about 1/3 or 2/3 of the price in the us, so ull get it for about 150$

    Name: LG Full HD 24" W2453V-PF
  4. I really like Samsung's offerings. I own a 2494SW and it is really really good, great picture, clear, awesome contrast when games are dark, nice and bright colours without even using enhanced effects. And it was only $210 Canadian.
  5. I use the Samsung 2493HM Syncmaster. It's no longer made but from what I have seen and read....Samsung monitors are really really good. Mine was 249 when I got it from Newegg 2 1/2 yrs ago.
  6. What about ASUS monitors?

    Not buying them often I don't know much about the brands.
  7. I bought this Acer G215HAbd 22" Class Widescreen LCD Monitor - 1080p from tigerdirect for 130 bucks 2 weeks ago (it's 150 now). It is super sharp and nice looking.

    it is really 21.5" when i measured it though.
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    I've got a couple of Asus monitors.

    this one:

    and a 21.5" 1080p that newegg no longer carries. I've had the 21.5" for about 2 years and the 23" for 6 months. Both are great looking with good black levels for LCDs and work flawlessly. No dead pixels in either. They seem to make good screens, almost all of the have 5 star feedback ratings at the egg.
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