Comparable to asus m2nSLI deluxe

this may be a hard question to answer since i find backtracking and finding info on old tech is hard but does anyone know what a comparable mobo to the asus m2n sli deluxe was with CROSSFIRE?

why am i looking at an old mobo?
1. to save money
2. to keep MOST of my components (ddr2-800, athlon 64x2 6000, etc)
3. got a 6970 now that i would love to crossfire in the future.

ive got 2 pci cards that i still would love to keep (sound and firewire800) and one pcie1x sata card that has esata port multiplier that the m2n doesnt have on board which i need (so if this crossfire mobo has a port multiplier on it i can get rid of this card).
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  1. just by looking around real quick, these two may fit the bill
    ASUS M2R32-MVP
    ASUS M3A78-T
    ASUS M4A78

    though they dont look exactly like the M2n in pci slot placement...
    judging by the prices retail i might as well buy a new setup. ebay is my only hope for used.
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