Gigabyte ga-x58a-UD3R step by step installation

I am building the following system:

motherboard: gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r
memory: patriot signature 6x2 gb
psu: corsair 650W
vga card: sapphire vapor-x 5850 (1)
hdd: WD green 2TB (2)
OS: Windows7 ultimate

I want to use the system for photo editing and Microsoft Flightsim X gaming. I want to install the OS and apps on a primary drive along with fresh data and use the secondary as a backup for data. I do not need a RAID configuration. I installed the HDD originally as AHCI in the bios originally but windows 7 was freezing even before the main installation started. I switched to IDE and windows installed but it is extremely unstable - it crashes within a minute of starting most times. It endlessly reboots. Sometimes the computer resets just after POST. I disconnected everything but one hdd but it still resets. I tested memory with the windows application and it is good. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
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  1. I would review these two threads for troubleshooting tips:
    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!
    GIGABYTE Guide
  2. when you populate all memory slots you need to increase the vtt voltage. I have done extensive research on this as I am considering going to 12GB ( because I can .... and run 4 vms) and I have the same mainboard.. try just 3 slots populated and let us know how it behaves.. and you will want ahci on
  3. Okay, I read all I could find and started from scratch. I set all ports to AHCI but during post I see "AHCI BIOS not installed". Windows installation freezes at the software license prompt. The mouse scrolls but no click and no way to back out except power off.
  4. did you only populate 3 memory slots?
  5. Yes. I only have 6gb of ram now.
  6. ok can you link me to your memory modules?I want to make sure the timings and voltages are correct
  7. ok make sure the timings are set to 7-8-7-24 memory voltage is set to 1.5v set vtt to 1.3v and make sure the memory frequency is set at 1066
  8. With timings at 7-8-7-24 (3 channels) and voltage at 1.5 and vtt at 1.295 (no 1.3v option) I have the frequency now at 1079.8x
  9. what is your bclock set at? and memory multi? or if you could give us a list of all your current bios settigns we can look and see if there is something going on
  10. SOLVED:
    I found out that a new windows 7 installation requires that the mouse and keyboard use the PS2 ports, not USB. Plugging into the PS2 ports solved my problem. I now have a very stable build. Thanks to all who helped troubleshoot this.
  11. Good to hear your system is up & stable now.
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