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I'm running P95 and my CPU fan is at about 1000 when it reaches 46 C. So I'm wondering can you do something like Video Card BIOS Editor to your CPU to boost up fan at lower temp ( like to be at 1200 at 40C)?
CPU is Intel Pentium Dual core E5300 at 11x238 ( I'll put it back to 13x200 later) and everything else is at stock.
Thank you.
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  1. Most recent Intel chipset boards have a smartfan section in the bios. You can disable it if you like, but the fan noise can be unbearable, and your temps won't drop that much. Those cpus are pretty tough; they can run up to 70c for short periods of time, so 46c is fine. If your board is specially made for dell, hp, etc., then it may not have any smartfan settings. In that case, I would leave it alone. Some boards are so sensitive that they will shut off the cpu fan for short periods of time until the temp rises to a certain level.
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