New Build Won't Post

Trying to get a new build running and can't get it to post. I've check the connections and done the usual troubleshooting but no oy so far.

The PSU powers up, the mobo led lights, the gpu fan spins, the cpu fan spins but I don't think the hdd is spinning.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Here's the hardware. Let me know if I can provide any other info. Thanks.

    Rosewill RCX-Z80-AL CPU Cooler
    OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 800 Mhz PC2 6400 2X2 GB
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3 GHz Windsor
    ASUS M2A-VM REV 1.01G Socket-AM2 Motherboard
    eVGA 8800 GTS PCI-E video card p/n:320-P2-N311-AR
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    Read through and complete the items on this checklist in the below thread and it should help pin-point the issue. It is a very good list to begin with....

    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!
  3. Done that.
  4. What type of beep codes are you getting since you completed all the items on the list, along with breadboarding?
  5. My guess would be the mobo. If i were you i would swap in another one to see if it is. If you don't have one bring your mobo to your friends house and swap it in. If it works then i have clue. If it doesn't work you need a new mobo. Also your parts are old it looks like you are do for an upgrade or overhaul.
  6. I should clarify. I've gone through the checklist but have not pulled it all apart and breadboarded. I guess that's next.

    This is a budget build using used parts. I ust want to get Win7 running.

    I was hoping to get some help isolating the issue.
  7. One more thing. In response to tecmo, I'm getting no beeps at all.
  8. Typically, a NO BEEP relates to these areas:
    A short in the build, which breadboarding will point out by doing
    A bad CPU/MOBO, which the only way to truly test is by switching out with known good components (well, as far as I know... :D )
    Loose Peripherals, which I would double check to make sure everything is properly seated and all the connections are firmly connected.
  9. Thanks for the help so far. I'm in the process of pulling it apart to benchtest.

    What should I connect to test the basics?
  10. Yes... You test the basics :)
  11. So, ust psu, mobo,one stick of ram, cpu and fan?
  12. correct.... don't forget GPU (unless using on-board)
  13. Thanks again for the help. I'm a bit of a noob as this is only my second or third build.

    Ok. I have only the cpu, gpu, ram and fan hooked up. I am not using the case at all. When add power nothing powers up or spins. Do I need to connect anything to the case at all? I'm thinking about the power button on the case?
  14. Yes... You need to connect the case power button... Sorry forgot to mention that :)
  15. Thanks. I assumed that was it.

    I ust tried reseating the cpu which, I think, is the last troubleshooting steo I hadn't tried. Still, no beeps.

    I can't test the cpu or mobo as I don't have a system with the appropriate socket or another mobo to use. Anything else worth trying at this point?
  16. Also, I seem to have a faulty key on my laptop keyboard.
  17. I just want to confirm that you do have a Internal Mini Case Speaker installed or the motherboard has one built in so you can hear beep codes. We didn't mention it earlier so I want to clarify otherwise you won't here codes.
  18. Hmmm, not sure what needs connecting for that. My mobo is an Asus m2a-vm and I'm using the case from a emachines t3104.
  19. Please look at page 1-32 of the manual, which shows were the speaker goes. You need this installed to hear beep codes, so we might have been headed in the wrong direction.
  20. Thanks again, tecmo. I've had enough for today. I think I'll take the cpu and mobo down the street and have my neighbourhood pc repair shop test the cpu and mobo for me.

    This has been very instructive if maddeningly frustrating.
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  22. Just wanted to close this thread with the actual solution. In the end I took it to my local PC store and had them test the components. Turns out it was TWO different faulty power supplies. I know now that just because the fan in the psu spins, it doesn't mean it is functioning properly.

    Big thanks to TECMO for putting so much time into this for me.
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