Faulty Corsair Flash Voyager GT

I recently purchased the 16 gig Corsair Flash Voyager GT with 3.0 and the light doesn't go on and it doesn't work on the front usb ports. They have been able to power my headset so i know they are set up right. Should I RMA it or is there a solution.
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  1. RMA it, sounds like its DOA.

    USB stuff is mostly plug and play, and if it doesn't give you any signs of life... well, what can ya do :D lol
  2. Should I RMA through e-mail because I just left a message at the office.
  3. USB key stop working for no reason, Number of write (flash memory), static shock sensibility, motheboard voltage/amperage supply to USB... from new to 10 years or even more, they will fail someday...

    If it's on warranty, RMA it

    Make sure you have no dust in your USB port, i remember that i had some issue with one of my drive because dust was on the contacts and if i wiggle the drive, it disconnects, reconnect,etc...
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