$750 system (first rig)

hey guys I wanted to make a nice gaming rig for 700-750 tell me what ya think
i wana use a i5-760 cus its only $169 at micro center which is so close to the phenom on newegg so yeah.

Also what do u guys think of video cards I want to end up having a sli or crossfire setup whats better? (was thinking Gtx270 or 6870s) only buying one card for now tho.

i5-760 cheap


thanks in advance guys really need some help. This is my first gaming rig so thanks.

lol forgot the ram

total 810.51/770.51 after rebates. (a lil high)
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  1. You were doing OK until you got to the Raidmax PSU.

    First though, get a 6870. Same performance, lower temps, lower power consumption.

    As to the PSU:
    Seasonic S12II
    There is no question, this is the best you'll find for this price, and more than enough power for your system



  2. this is the update with the new psu and video card

    596.79+ 185 for cpu(tax)= 781.79- 20 mr 761.79 (still kinda expensive)

    ohh and anyone know a decent screen.(1080p i guess)
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